Josh and Shaylee met at Brigham Young University in 2012. They started “officially” dating on 12/12/12 (cute, right?) and were married the following July. After three years of marriage, they welcomed their first child into their family. Their adorable little son has made their life even better, which they honestly didn’t even think was possible. Currently, Josh and Shaylee are living in Utah, but hope to make it closer to family sometime in the near future.

Josh is originally from Michigan. He is the youngest of three kids and loves hockey, cheese, and giraffes. He graduated from BYU with a degree in advertising and a minor in business management. After working at an advertising agency for about two years, Josh decided to switch careers and now works as a web developer. Josh enjoys web development and is grateful that he was able to make the switch to this new career.

Shaylee grew up in a small town in Eastern Oregon. She is the oldest of six kids and loves running, chocolate, and antique books. Shaylee also graduated from BYU, but with a degree in English teaching and a minor in Spanish. After graduating, Shaylee taught English at a Junior high for two years. While she still loves teaching, Shaylee is now staying at home to raise her son. She loves being a mom more than she ever could have imagined.

Discovering new, fun ways to spend quality time together as a couple and as a family is one of Josh and Shaylee’s constant goals. They hope to be able to inspire you and your family to try new things and to find more meaningful ways spend time together today.

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