Only Good News

Only Good News

I feel like a normal person again. Since our last post my hands have gotten significantly better. I can use knives again… and feed myself… and clip my fingernails. I get excited about every little bit of progress. Sometimes it seems like a dream when I think about how bad I was, and I feel like I was being dramatic back then because of how good I am doing now.

Last two months

I started working full time again in November. It was a little hard at first, because my hands still weren’t improving. I had made a goal to be able to feed myself on Thanksgiving, and I actually did it. It was very difficult, but I only flung yams all over myself twice. I counted that as a win. My hands started getting better at the start of December. I had a goal for Christmas to help cook our Christmas Eve dinner, I achieved that with ease. I only deal with a very mild tremor in my wrists and head now, and I am even back to full speed at work. A few days ago I finally started driving again, which is another big achievement.

Next six months

I also saw Dr. Askari in December at the speciality clinic at U of M. They expect me to be able to participate in a clinical trial for Tetrathiomolybdate (TM). I don’t really need it now that I am through the worst part of the initial treatment. However, I am happy to support the trial since TM is a much better option for people with neurological symptoms of Wilson Disease. I expect to recover fully in the next year or so, but I am happy with my progress even if my symptoms don’t continue to improve. My next appointment with Dr. Askari is in June, and I hope to reduce my appointments down to once a year after that.


I actually feel very lucky to have experienced all of this. Shaylee and I have learned so much and our relationship has been strengthened even more over the past ten months. My situation is very unique in that I had pretty much lost my ability to do anything. Now a few months later, I have gained it all back. My goal now is that I continue to use everything that I have learned this past year. Shaylee was so great and taught me how to really be devoted to our family and I will spend the rest of my life trying to show her that same devotion.

Shaylee started video taping me to track my progress back in August, so I thought it would be good to show a before and after video (even though the video quality isn’t great). This will probably be the last Wilson Disease post we do for a while and I wanted to thank everyone for all of their support and prayers during the last year.


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  1. Wow! Josh you have improved! Remarkable! I have been so impressed with the way the two have you have tackled this problem. I know the Lord is blessing your lives because of your continued faithfulness. Thanks for sharing with all of us your journey!

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