Birthday Breakfast Ideas

Birthday Breakfast Ideas

Birthday breakfast, birthday breakfast, birthday breakfast! Yay!

Seriously though, I am a big fan of the birthday breakfast. We typically go out for our birthday dinners, but breakfast, we do at home. I love this because not only do I love breakfast food, but I love being able to eat my birthday breakfast in my pajamas and at my own (lazy) speed. Plus, I can ensure that I get just what I want to eat, every time.

Now, there are TONS of great breakfast food options, but in this post I am just going to focus on a few. Below are some ideas for the main dish of your birthday breakfast that are a step above our typical, everyday breakfasts.

French Toast Sandwich

Josh actually came up with this breakfast sandwich idea for his most recent birthday. If you love French toast as well as egg sandwiches, this dish is a great option. Simply cook up some French toast and then fill two slices with your desired toppings. For his French toast sandwich, Josh requested a fried egg, bacon, and Swiss cheese. He then added some syrup and a sprinkling of powdered sugar, which is a great idea if you love savory+sweet. This sandwich turned out to be quite tasty and is definitely something that we’ll be making again.

German Pancakes

Mmm. I love me some German pancakes. Josh actually introduced these to me after we got married, and they’ve been a frequent birthday breakfast request of mine ever since. You can find lots of great recipes online, but our favorite is out of our cookbook The Joy of CookingA German pancake is light and fluffy, but also eggy, which means that it’s tasty with sweet OR savory toppings. Josh likes his best with just salt and pepper. I prefer to slather mine in butter and followed by copious amounts of powdered sugar.


Who doesn’t love crepes? Although they’re definitely easier to cook on a special crepe maker, a simple frying pan on the stove top works just fine. Crepe batter is pretty easy to whip up, but you should note that many recipes recommend refrigerating the batter for at least an hour before beginning to cook. Fruit, whipped cream, Nutella, chocolate, powdered sugar, etc. all make for great crepe toppings. However, savory fillings such as cheese and thin sliced ham are delicious as well. I also like to have them drizzled with a little lemon juice and then a sprinkling of sugar, which is how they are often served in France. Crepes are a great birthday breakfast option because there are just so many delicious choices for fillings/toppings. You can really get creative with crepes!

Fancy Omelet

If breakfast foods on the sweet side don’t interest you, then perhaps a fancy-shmancy omelet will. Omelets are a pretty simple dish to make and (like the crepes), there so many delicious fillings to choose from. Also, despite being easy to make, omelets just seem fancy for some reason. For Josh’s birthday one year, I made him an omelet stuffed with goat cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and bacon. It was a big hit. An omelet with Greek ingredients such a feta cheese, kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and spinach is another fun choice. Or try a Mexican inspired omelet with peppers, queso fresco or cotija, and chorizo. Then top it with salsa and sour cream. Lots of delicious options!

Breakfast Bake

A breakfast bake (breakfast casserole) is another one of our favorite options for birthday breakfast. There are tons of recipes for breakfast bakes online, but there are basically just three things that you need in order to create a breakfast bake:

  • Your choice of bread (you’ll want to use a denser bread-we like to use focaccia, but Pillsbury biscuits are also a good option).
  • Eggs beat together with whatever seasonings and ingredients you want (such as cheese, sausage or bacon, vegetables, etc.)
  • Cheese to sprinkle on top.

You’ll first cut your bread into bite-sized chunks and then spread them on the bottom of a greased casserole dish. The bread chunks should be packed fairly close together, covering the entire bottom of the pan. Next, you’ll pour your egg mixture evenly over the top of the bread. Finally, you’ll sprinkle cheese over the top and then bake your casserole. Voila! A delicious breakfast is achieved.

Now, Enjoy!

Oh! And don’t forget to add some tasty side dishes to your breakfast! Bacon, sausage, fruit, hash-browns, juice, chocolate milk, smoothies, etc. Yum.

I hope this post gives you a few ideas for your own birthday, or special occasion breakfast. If you try any of the options above, be sure to let us know (in the comments below) how it went! Good luck!

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